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UPS Eaton 68433 Accessories

UPS Eaton 68433 Accessories

The Eaton HotSwap MBP series is made of versatile, flexible 2U PDUs designed to add high availability to UPSs up to 3,000 VA. Any UPS connected to a HotSwap MBP can be replaced for maintenance or upgrade purposes without interrupting the power supply to the protected devices.


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As a unique feature, they can be screwed at the back a Pulsar UPS, either front-facing or rear-facing, on the left or right hand side, for maximum versatility.

They offers multiple mounting options for rack enclosures, wall mounting or connection at the rear of a UPS, whatever its brand

High availability for all UPSs up to 3 kVA:

ƒ?½ HotSwap MBP provides a maintenance bypass for all UPSs up to 3 kVA: UPSs can be hot swapped or upgraded without interrupting the power supply


ƒ?½ HotSwap MBP has an IEC16A input connector with retaining clip for compatibility with any UPS now and in the future from Eaton or any other supplier


ƒ?½ There is a range of HotSwap MBP units with different output connectors: Aust 3 pin and IEC sockets - terminal blocks on the HW (Hard-Wired) version


ƒ?½ HotSwap MBP units can be installed as required; at the back, side, top of the UPSs, or rack-mounted (horizontally (1.5U) or vertically)

Features and Benefits

  • Adds high availability to UPSs up to 3,000 VA
  • Can be rackmounted, wallmounted or connected at the rear of an Eaton UPS in 3 different ways
  • 2U versatile power distribution unit
  • Easy plug-in connectivity
  • Universal solution

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