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Eaton EX 1500VA Tower UPS 68183

Eaton EX 1500VA Tower UPS 68183

The Eaton EX 1500VA Tower UPS system with an integral battery (up to 5minutes with a typical load) provides on-line power protection with automatic bypass and power factor correction. The EX UPS output sockets feature PowerShare and can be individually controlled to maximize backup time, for remote reboot and sequential startup.

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Rp. 8.846.250

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Typical applications: servers, data storage, network equipment, VOIP, medical equipment and industrial processes


Eaton EX 1.5kVA Uninterruptible Power Supplies

  • Power Protection: sags, surges, brownouts, lightning strikes, storms and mains power failures.
  • Output Sockets: 6 IEC sockets.
  • Battery Management: periodic battery testing.
  • Maintenance Bypass: optional hot-swappable bypass.
  • Remote Communications: RS232 and USB port with an expansion slot for an optional communications card (SNMP/WEB/Relay Card).

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