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Patchcord Rosenberger SC-SC 9/125um 3m

Patchcord Rosenberger SC-SC 9/125um 3m

Patchcord Rosenberger SC-SC 9/125um 3m; Duplex Patchcord SC-SC, 9/125um, 2.0mm, OFNR, 3m

Lebih detail

Rp. 262.500

Telepon: (021) 6003622 - 6003624

Fiber optic patch cords, both simplex and duplex versions, are used to set up connection between the fiber optical interfaces of optical distribution frame or patch panel via patching. Fiber optic pigtail, which is the fiber cable assembly with a connector on one side, is applied to splice with distribution cable or backbone cable inside optical distribution frame or fiber patch panel.

• Channel to channel connection of fiber optic lines installed within distribution panels
• Connection of peripheral devices with a fiber optic interface

• Outer sheath made of riser, plenum or FR-LSZH material
• Supplies cable constructions with simplex cable, duplex cable, mini-zipcord cable, ribbon cable other types of cables on request

Environmental Specification
Transportation and Storage[ºC]:-25 ~ +70
Operation[ºC]:-5 ~ +70

Fiber Type
• Available of the types 9/125μm, 50/125μm, 62.5/125μm,OM3, OM4

Connectivity System
• Rosenberger patch cords can be delivered with the connectors as ST, SC, FC, LC, MU, MTRJ, MTP, ESCON, SCDC, 2000, DIN

• Patch cord separately packed in plastic bag
• Labeled with serial number
• 100% tested and results offered


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