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Pigtail Rosenberger SC SM 1m

Pigtail Rosenberger SC SM 1m

Pigtail Rosenberger SC SM 1m; Pigtail, SC 0.9mm SM, 1m

Lebih detail

Rp. 57.750

Telepon: (021) 6003622 - 6003624

Fiber optic pigtail, which is the fiber cable assembly with a connector on one side, is applied to splice with distribution cable or backbone cable inside optical distribution frame or fiber patch panel.

• On-site splicing with bulk cable
• Fiber To The Desk
• Other scenarios where fiber termination is required


• Cable pigtail: Simplex cable with outer sheath made of riser, Plenum or LSZH.
• Fiber Pigtail: Compact fiber (900μm buffered fiber)

Fiber Type
• Optional fiber types: 9/125μm, 50/125μm, 62.5/125μm, OM3, OM4 Connectivity System
• Rosenberger patch cords can be delivered with the following connectors: ST, SC, FC, LC, MU, MTRJ, E2000, DIN, etc.

• Separately packed in plastic bag, including serial number and attenuation data

• Insertion loss determined acc. to IEC 61300-3-4
• Return loss determined acc. to IEC 61300-3-6
• 100% performance testing
• Providing test report for 3D geometric characteristics of
connector end-face as required

Ordering Information

Rosenberger patch cords and pigtails are ordered using eight digits: Digit1, Fiber type selection; Digit2, Cable diameter selection; Digit3, Number of fibers selection, Digit4, Polishing level selection for SM or Core diameter selection for MM ; Digit5& Digit6, Connector type selection; Digit7, Selection; Digit8, Length selection, The format and digits are listed below.


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