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VF300, a new face recognition time attendance terminal of ZKTeco has been popularized widely and put into actual application in Suriname. A lot of famous companies in Suriname managed their workforce by VF300, such as Drydock and Shipbuilding Company (SDSM) and Kiesel NV.

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Rp. 2.200.000

Telepon: (021) 6003622 - 6003624

In SDSM, VF300 were installed at different work places like dock, repair hall and the administration office to manage attendance of employees of different positions.

In Kiesel NV which is one of the leading construction companies in Suriname, VF300 was installed outside and close to construction site by construction foreman to check attendance of construction workers and technicians. With VF300, the construction workers and technicians don’t need to go inside the building and touch the terminal to record their attendance. After the construction project is finished, the VF300 will be moved and installed at a new construction site. Although workers have to adapt to new attendance mode, the construction foreman is very happy with the VF300 time attendance solution, because it guarantees a better time attendance control and facilitates the verification process. As VF300 is successfully applied to different projects and well known by local people, more and more companies and even governmental agencies in Suriname are planning to choose VF300 as their time attendance solutions for employees.

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