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FASTLOG PC Base Voice Logger 8 Port (PCI Express)

FASTLOG PC Base Voice Logger 8 Port (PCI Express)

Fastlog  Telephone Recording System adalah Voice Logger yang berbasis PC. Dengan dilengkapi oleh software yang akan memudahkan anda bekerja dalam pencarian data dan melakukan playback ulang. Kemampuan kompresi data 1 Gb setara dengan 280 jam waktu perekaman.
Fastlog adalah pilihan yang tepat untuk karena disamping harganya reasonable namun juga kualitasnya dijamin.

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Rp. 6.000.000

Telepon: (021) 6003622 - 6003624

PCI Based - 8 Port offered by us is a eight channel Voice Recording System that is made available with option of USB connectivity as well as interface that can be easily used with direct telephone lines, VOIP FXS/ FXO, EPABX extensions, Wireless Radio and other associated equipment. As these are developed using modern technology, these are capable of fulfilling diverse process application needs of clients like in recording & live monitoring, CRM integration, SMS / email alert integration and GSM recording. Further, these feature 2 rate compress hardware that can record 70 hours/G HDD. Supporting Windows 98/2000/XP/2003/NT, these systems also support Incoming Caller ID Popup and DTMF/FSK incoming Caller ID. The system also features well defined incoming customer management system that helps uses to recognize incomers and popup screens.

PCI Based - 8 Port systems are also recognized in the industry for supporting demands of monitoring conversation for every line on real time through LAN interface. These systems also feature three recorder mode - Phone, Audio, Key and feature support for printing all dialed-in, dialed-out and missed calls; recording direct calls; simultaneous recording for direct phone and extension; auto-backup; FTP back up of files onto burning ROM and auto fold repeat.

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